School’s out in Jombang

School’s out in Jombang

School’s out in Jombang


Within selected locations, to improve the English language ability of girls and boys in Madrasah Tsanawiyah (MTs) through developing the language and teaching capabilities of English teachers.

The expected benefits of the ELTIS sub-activity include:

  • Capacity enhancement of partner tertiary Islamic institutions
  • Strengthening of provincial and district support services
  • Development of a resource support framework to improve the teaching of English in MTs in selected districts
  • Teacher development
  • A teacher development model that is piloted, tested, and refined to ensure that it is sustainable, replicable and can be scaled-up in the longer term
  • Building networks and relationships across stakeholder and partner groups and across levels

ELTIS will:

  • help MTs teachers make the transition from a didactic teaching approach to a more student-centred, active, and communicative approach
  • have a significant impact on English language teaching and learning in selected locations

The LAPIS goal is to contribute to improved quality of basic education in Indonesia. It aligns with Australia’s Indonesia Education Program Strategy and Indonesia’s Education Strategic Plan, summarized as: increasing access and equity, enhancing quality, and improving governance.

The ELTIS purpose has been aligned with the LAPIS purpose statement, outlined in the diagram below:

LAPIS-ELTIS Logic Diagram

ELTIS Logic Diagram


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