ELTIS Watampone

The ELTIS Watampone office was officially opened on 4 August 2008, with representatives from STAIN Watampone, the district Religious Affairs office and a number of Madrasah School Principals from Bone regency attending. In addition, Mr Robert Kingham, LAPIS Senior Technical Adviser and Ms Denise Finney, ELTIS Director, were also present.

ELTIS Watampone Opening

Opening Ceremony

Mr Robert Kingham, LAPIS Senior Technical Adviser, speaking to the audience at the Opening Ceremony.

ELTIS Watampone Opening

Welcome speech

Dr Andi Sarjan giving a welcome speech.

The ELTIS Watampone is located on the second floor of the Lecturers Building. The ELTIS Trainers have a Trainers Preparation room on the ground floor of the same building and there are also two dedicated classrooms for training courses.

ELTIS Watampone Office

The ELTIS Administrative Office

The ELTIS Administrative Office on the second floor of the Lecturers Building.

ELTIS Watampone Trainers Room

Trainers Preparation Room

The Trainers Preparation Room on the ground floor of the Lecturers Building.

Dr Andi Sarjan, Rector of STAIN Watampone cut the ribbon to signify the official opening of the ELTIS classrooms, which went straight into use following the opening ceremony, with the first English language Upgrading (ELU) course starting for ELU 4 Pattimura group, comprising MTs English language teachers from Bone.

ELTIS Watampone Ribbon

Dr Andi Sarjan

Dr Andi Sarjan, cutting the ribbon to one of the ELTIS classrooms.

The Nasi Tumpeng (Rice Cone) was cut by LAPIS Senior Technical Adviser, Mr Robert Kingham and ELTIS Director, Ms Denise Finney, who handed a portion to Dr Andi Sarjan, Rector of STAIN Watampone.

ELTIS Watampone Tumpeng

Mr Robert Kingham

Mr Robert Kingham and Ms Denise Finney cutting the nasi tumpeng.

The ELTIS Watampone office is run by Ms. Nirwana Darwis, ELTIS Liaison Officer. She will be assisted by a Finance Officer, Mr. Astiar, an Administrative Officer, Ms. Resky Januarty and an Office Assistant, Mr Syahruddin.

Nirwana Darwis
Nirwana Darwis
ELTIS Watampone Liaison Officer
Resky (Kiky) Januarty
Resky (Kiky) Januarty
Administrative Officer
Finance Officer
Office Assistant
ELTIS Watampone Classroom 1

Ms Roudlatul Jannah

Ms Roudlatul Jannah, ELTIS Master Trainer, working with a group of Pattimura students.

ELTIS Watampone Classroom 2

Pattimura students

Pattimura students engaged in a communicative group activity as part of their ELU 4 training course.

Two other groups have commenced training at ELTIS Watampone: Martadinata (ELU Level 1) and Wahidin (ELU Level 2).

ELTIS Watampone Wahidin 1

Mark Hinde

Trainees from the wahidin group working with Mark Hinde, the ELTIS ELT Specialist.

Imam Machfud

ELTIS Watampone Classroom 2

Imam Machfud, ELTIS Master Trainer, observing some Wahidin trainees as they take part in a group work activity.


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